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Venue: Tampines Sports Hall Time: Saturday 8pm-10pm (STyLc BC)

Discussion in 'Singapore' started by leonheart88, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. leonheart88

    leonheart88 Regular Member

    Jun 26, 2004
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    Coaching Philosophy
    Carry out my role based on my experience, knowledge, values, opinions and beliefs. One of the strongest benefits arising from a consistent and sincere approach to coaching is trust. A strong bond between coach and athlete leads to higher levels of commitment and athletic performance.

    Venue: Tampines Sports Hall
    Time: Saturday 8pm-10pm (Every Week)
    Level: Beginner to Advanced

    Our academy has been confirmed at Tampines Sports Hall at the time being and it has been running for 4 months till now. However, we only manage to have 8 permanent trainees at the time being and we are constantly looking for more trainees who are willing to join us permanently as we hope that we can form a team of 12 who are consistently and passionately attend our training every week.

    Anyone interested can look for us through:
    +6596229960 (Kent)
    +60168880760 (Leon)
    +60127818585 (Wilson)


    Practices wont make perfect, only Perfect practices make perfect.:)


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