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where to buy carlton AB900 in uk or ireland

Discussion in 'Market Place' started by Keith Lee, Dec 24, 2001.

  1. Keith Lee

    Keith Lee Guest

    i have read alot on this racquet and would love to buy one. Where is the best place in ireland or england to buy it either in a shop or online? Also what kind of price is this racquet?

    cant wait for ur replys
  2. Vincent Ting

    Vincent Ting Guest

    if you wan tto buy it on UK
    there is a few place...

    try it out on JJB sports, as they sell it for £90 (but there is 20%off when you show your BAOFE member number or to prove that you are from a badminton club)

    the biggest range of badminton mail order company in UK

    hope it helps
    any questions, please e-mail me!!
    good luck and all the best
    happy badminton!
  3. Keith Lee

    Keith Lee Guest

    thx, ive ended buying a carlton AS1 for €130 as it would have more control than the AB900.

    ps Would you know what tension this racquet is factory strung at?
  4. Vincent Ting

    Vincent Ting Guest

    Factory Strung usually around 17-18 pounds

    as it is a bit soft for mt

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