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Where to play in Ottawa

Discussion in 'Canada East' started by Steven SIM, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. Steven SIM

    Steven SIM Guest

    My name is Steven, and I am in Ottawa near St. Laurent. Can anyone tell me where I can play badminton near my place. I am very new to Ottawa, can anyone help please. Please send to my E-mail : Thank you very much..!
  2. logi

    logi Guest

    there is the R.A. center
    it is an elite center.
    canadian players train there..
    professional is mike bitten
    andrew dabeka and other play there..
    6 badminton courts.(nothing else in the gym)


  3. logi

    logi Guest

    The RA Centre has the only dedicated badminton facility in the region and its six courts are considered by many to be the best in North America. The on court activities are supervised by Badminton Professional Mike Bitten, a certified coach who competed for Canada in the 1992 Olympic Games and who was a past Commonwealth Games silver medalist. Young or old, competitive or recreational, all badminton players have a place at the RA.
  4. Steven SIM

    Steven SIM Guest


    How to join that? and what is the time that I can join. I call myself at a level around intermediate, but I haven't play regularly for quite a while already. May i join on some regular games?

  5. logi

    logi Guest

    well i don't live in the ottawa region but i have played there a couple of times.
    yes i assume you could just join in. i don't see why you couldn't..
    i suggest you call mike bitten and ask for some info.

    i would definitly give him a call.

    sorry..i don't know much more..

    i went there for tournaments and stuff so i never had to pay..

    hope you can get back to badminton as soon as possible!

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