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Why isn't HiQua producst in the review?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by AF, Jan 18, 2001.

  1. AF

    AF Guest

    Hey, I think that HiQua products should be posted in the review area. For the record, it is from Postsky Ltd, a OEM manufacturer of racquets and supplies. Like I said in my earlier post, I fully support them. I got 4 HiQua Slim 10's (nothing like the Yonex version) for less that what it costs for a single TI 10 and this was in 1997. I have not broken one yet, so the quality is there, yet you don't have to pay a arm and a leg for it. Their own designs, just because their namesake are similar to the Yonex ones, doesn't mean they are copies like Winex who even have the same colour patterns. The US has a site, and many, many racquets. Not as many racquets carried in Canada, but they have their own loyal supporters after giving HiQua a chance.

  2. Byro-Nenium

    Byro-Nenium Regular Member

    Apr 28, 2002
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    Are Hi Qua rackets really that good? I heard that these rackets aren't durable and break very easily...... but thats what i heard.....
  3. justin

    justin Guest

    I think ProAce should be in there as well. They are very affordable and popular in Malaysia. I heard they are marketed as "Yang Yang" outside of M'sia.
  4. Thomas

    Thomas Guest


    Correction, ProAce products are never marketed as Yang Yang outside Malaysia. They are two independent companies. Yang Yang is an established company in Malaysia since 1994 by the former world champion of China Yang Yang and few other partners.
  5. bc

    bc Guest


    done. i added a bunch of Hi-Qua stuff. enjoy!

  6. Brett

    Brett Regular Member

    Apr 25, 2002
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    RE: Hi-Qua information

    I e-mailed the company and obtained the following information:

    - They have a money back return policy - if you buy one of their racquets and don't like it, you can return it undamaged for a 100% refund.

    - Their racquets are made in their factory in Taiwan and they do the finishes (not clear if that means just the paint job or assembly through completion) in China.

    - They make racquets for several other brands including Forza and Victor

    - They are friendly and quick to respond to inquiries but were not too clear on the particular characteristics of individual racquets. I asked for a recommendation from their product line for a powerful racquet for an offensive, smash-oriented game and the response was
    << You won't feel much difference if playing with nylon shuttlecocks.>>

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