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Yonex Ac-420-ex review

Discussion in 'Grip' started by PopsiclePete, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. PopsiclePete

    PopsiclePete Regular Member

    Jan 14, 2009
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    London, Ontario
    A slightly smaller replacement grip (24mm vs 25mm, and 1120mm in length vs 1200mm) this semi-velvety feels similar to the highly popular ac-120ex super grap.

    Comes in the usual black, white, pink, red, blue and yellow.

    On a Arc10PG 3u4g

    BadmintonAlley review:
    Comfort: 5.0
    Tackiness: 4.5
    Absorbency: 4.5
    Durability: 4.5

    The Review
    The first thing I noticed about the grip once putting it on my racquet was how dry and slippery it felt to play with "out of the box." It was concerning because I have sweaty hands and the last thing I need is to be throwing my racquet all over the court.
    Secondly, the edges are thin and can be distracting when switching between different grip holds as the edges fold upward easily.
    Lastly, if you prefer to heavily overlap your grip, it is rather thin, so you may have to do so quite heavily and this may not provide you with optimal feel.

    However, there is some good to the grip. Over the playing time, 4 hours, as the moisture was coming off my palm, the grip nicely absorbed it and in fact became very enjoyable to play with. While it's not as tacky as the Karakal super grip, it offers a very good feel and movement within your hands.

    While I still have two more days to play with this grip on the racquet, I feel it could be a softer alternative to a rubbery feeling karakal grip.

    Initially I would not recommend this grip to someone who doesn't sweat enough to allow for the grip to break in. I will, however, be back with more in a few days!
  2. LD rules!

    LD rules! Regular Member

    Apr 3, 2009
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    I quite like this grip, but only if I wrap it quite tight. Otherwise I don't like it that much.:)

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