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Yonex makes a.... Bicycle?

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by kwun, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. kwun

    kwun Administrator

    Apr 24, 2002
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    BC Janitor
    Santa Clara, CA, USA
    a member just sent me this:

    very interesting. with so much experience in carbon fiber technology, i am not surprised they are able to make a very good bicycle frame. 650g is probably one of the lightest frame in the market.

    here is the google translated text:


    [FONT=&#12513]Taking advantage of the technology of manufacturing racket
    [h=2]Yonex next spring launched a super-lightweight frame of domestic entrants to 650g carbon frame manufacture and sale[/h]

    [FONT=&#12513]2013/12/17 - 20:01

    Yonex Co., Ltd., known for such as tennis racket manufacturing to new entrants to the carbon frame manufacturing and sales. I will release ultra-light carbon bike frame 650g of the "Cape Nex / CARBONEX" in April 2014. I introduce press release from Yonex.
    Yonex CARBONEX (carbonate Annexe)
    Sports Cycle Business newcomers launched in April ultra-light carbon bike frame "Cape Nex / CARBONEX" 2014 :) Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsutomu headquarters Yoneyama) Yonex Co., Ltd. is new this time I will start the development, manufacture and sale of carbon road bike frame set as a sport business cycle. As a first step, will be released senior model road bike frame "carbs Nex / CARBONEX" from April 2014. The early adopter of carbon as a material for sporting goods in our company, we have been developing products badminton that produce a high performance to maximize strength and weight characteristics, tennis rackets, golf clubs, and snowboarding. And adopt actively nanoscience, which had been searching for new business in order to take advantage of widely in new areas the high carbon processing technology that has been cultivated for many years, in recent years, but this time, as a sports manufacturer, health promotion of people It is a business that can contribute to, we decided to expand into the bike sports business cycle enthusiasts is increasing popularity is higher as a sport. Is performed by all consistent our Niigata production headquarters of Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture With regard to the development and manufacturing, we will produce high quality carbon bike to produce in our own factory in Japan only "Made in Japan". ! Challenge ultra-light 650g frame to Product Overview lightest
    : Yonex CARBONEX (carbonate Nex)image photo​
    feature of the "carbs Nex" is a super lightweight 650g frame that we are bringing together the carbon research and technology of the material of '40 . Is the product name "Cape Nex / CARBONEX" is a product name that you used for the carbon first product with a golf club or racket of the Company and is what can be called the origin of the carbon technology of our company. Aiming for a "road bike of the world's lightest", carbs Nex the precise reconstruction of the elastic rubber-like material and of using the nanotechnology maintain their rigidity strength even if the weight of the material, such as "X-Fullerene" I adopt the frame of each shape to maximize the function of the frame titanium alloy excellent "rubber metal ® ※", "box shape", and "perfect circle". Further, by using "Oval Pressed Shaft (OPS) Theory" shape theory of our racket own and raised following property to a road surface is caused Shinara moderately to vibration while maintaining the rigidity. The new technologies and materials of these, I did it with all-carbon road bike frame that combines rigidity, durability, comfort, yet ultra-lightweight. ※ It is the new titanium alloy of a dream that combines has been considered rubber metal is a new material developed by the Toyota Motor group, and not possible with metal material "low modulus of elasticity" and "high-strength".
    Yonex CARBONEX and technology (carbs Annexe) frame structure
    (carbonate Annexe) CARBONEX color black / orange size all-round type XS · S · M (1 model size 3)April 2014 release date for sale road race athletes and general senior commodity sold carbon road bike frame set 400,000 yen + tax MSRP Country of origin Japan history of our carbon technology adopted in the carbon racket technology ahead of the competition in 1980, the world's first weight 100g badminton racket "Carb Annexe 8" The lighter cutting the. We launched wood club with an integrated Persimmon and 1982 carbon graphite "carbs Nex", entered the golf business. Release of carbon iron of 1983 the world's first. Entered the snowboard business developed a snowboard of all carbon in 1995 the world's first. Adopted the 2013 nanoscience material, announcement golf shaft announced the world's lightest 36g the "Rekushisukisera" Yonex ever lightest badminton racket (73g) the "arc Saver FB"brings together the 2014 carbon technology, while ultra-light 650g We have developed a road bike frame that combines comfort and rigidity, entered the sports business cycle.




  2. Fidget

    Fidget Regular Member

    Mar 4, 2008
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    Yonex bike specs look fine.
    But what tension is best for the spokes? :rolleyes:
  3. kaki!

    kaki! Regular Member

    Jul 30, 2012
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    South Bay
    There's more to a bike than just the frame, right? Interesting, but not convinced.

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