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FS: Yonex Shoes SHB89 size 10US (Toronto)

Discussion in 'Buy & Sell - Read the rules sticky before you post' started by frankcent, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. frankcent

    frankcent Regular Member

    Nov 13, 2004
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    I have a pair of Yonex SHB89 for sale.

    I acquired them in China last year when I went to visit my in-laws for two weeks. I did not bring my gears on the trip so I just bought a pair of shoes so that I could play badminton at a local university. However, the shoes are definitely a half size small for me (they were the largest size they had in store) and ever since I got back in Canada, they have just been sitting in the closet collecting dust. They have been only wore twice. I live in downtown Toronto and I am looking for a badminton enthusiast in Toronto who appreciate these to take them over.

    I am looking for C$50 for pick up in downtown Toronto. Shipping from Canada is prohibitively expensive and can cost between $20 ~ $30, and I don't think it's worth a while for any foreign buyers.:rolleyes: Toronto-20130217-00244.jpg

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