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yonex shuttles

Discussion in 'Shuttlecock' started by psycofil, Oct 12, 2001.

  1. psycofil

    psycofil Guest

    I am a amateur player, and I wonder what the difference is between the Yonex 300 and 350 MAVIS shuttles. I ask in 2 different stores, and they told me the opposite!! I guess one is faster than the other...which one? I went on many websites (Yonex's official, stores, etc) but can't find the answer...PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  2. Kelvin

    Kelvin Regular Member

    Apr 25, 2002
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    Canada & UK
    no no no no...
    speed with nylon shuttles depends on the weight of the cork, and then Yonex will grade them into colors. That is the differentiation indicator with nylon shuttles.

    To me, the 300s are constructed of a cheaper, but more durable plastic skirt. The 350s I know for a fact do not last near as long as the 300s, and it leads me to believe that the 350s, while constructed with a better scientifically designed plastic skirt, thus enabling the shuttle to fly more accurately (this last sentence should answer your question); costs more merely, because it will simulate the flight of a feather shuttle more accurately than the 300 nylon shuttles do.

    Hope this helps.

    PS: Who might I ask did you consult regarding your question??? sounds like a bunch of sport chek/sports experts employees.
  3. bob2

    bob2 Guest

    Where do you live in the world and at what elevation ? One is a little slower than the other , that is basically the issue. Uncle Bob

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