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    Default Shortlist Badminton Rackets - Improver/Intermediate level - around 50

    Hi All - hope you can help.

    1. How often do you play, how serious are you?
    I used to play lots at school, intermittently at university. Then stopped for several years. Now taking it back up again at social level initially, hopefully to build up to local club level.

    2. What style of player are you? (Aggressive smasher, net player ...)
    Really enjoy aggressive smashes, and then some cheeky backhand net drop shots from the back of the court....doesn't often work

    3. Do you care much about durability or is it all about performance?
    A mix of both would be best

    4. How much money do you want to spend?
    Around 50

    I had a look around and the ones I've possibly found are:
    - Carlton Air Rage Ignite
    - Carlton Airblade S-Lite
    - Carlton Vapourtrail Xcel
    - Prince Warrior Ti
    - Prince Rebel Ti
    - Wilson Force BLX

    Anybody got recommendations from the list above or any other rackets I haven't thought of???


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    i'm not hijacking the thread or something, but i might just also benefit from the replies as well as the thread starter..

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