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    Default String tension - again

    I've had a couple of Yonex Ti-8 rackets strung at 28lbs with BG-65Ti.

    My question is, how quickly will these strings lose tension and how low will they go? I've been told to expect to lose about 2 lbs in the first month, then another 2 lbs in the next 2 months or until they break.

    I've had an older racket strung with BG-65Ti before, at 21lbs and they didn't seem to lose too much tension and lasted a long time, more than six months.

    I've just never strung to a high tension before so if anyone who regularly uses these kinds of tensions can help, then please advise.

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    Default Re: String tension - again

    It all depends on your usage. Personally, I would change the string when it is no longer playable at your expectation (assuming that is is not broken first). I know, I know, it is kinda vague. ;-) Different person has different acceptable/playable tension.

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    Default Also...

    You may want to look for string wear around your grommets, as it's hard to detect this... I've seen before that the string can start to loose between the racquet head/grommets, so you'll see the fraying of the string eventually.
    Anywho... if you notice anything like that, I suggest a restringing, unless you don't want to pay for it, while you don't need it.

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    Default Re: Also...

    Thats not the case for me, i have restrung with Ashaway Rally 21 Ti(or was it rally22?! who cares), and have used the racquet for only another 3 months and the strings are breaking. But then again, i played 3 hours a day non stop for 5 days a week for the last two weeks(march break), and about 5 hours a week during normal school days. There are no probs with my grommets atm. doesnt matter, i'm getting the ISO 500 yay

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    Default Re: Also...

    Sorry for not in the subject, but this guy is hard to find - shaun
    thanks for your interest in my Ti-10 but will you have any further action
    or you want me to wait until ..... Ah......

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