i'v been playing badminton on and off for a few years now. i a new pair of shoes specifically for badminton since i used to use a rubber shoes that's not really designed for badminton (it's like for all around sports or running etc). i'm still working on my technique, i need to work on my footwork still. what would be a good baseline shoes for me?

a while ago i was window shopping for some yonex shoes, i saw class A (copies) of yonex SBH series for like 45usd, and the "original" (according to the sales staff) for 60usd. do you think those are really genuine pieces? one model she gave (she claimed it was original) had a wrong yonex logo, and two triangle-like thingy are too far from the circle which suggests that it's fake. i might still look around for other options.

also i saw mizano shoes at the same store. are they good shoes? how do you spot fake from genuine items? (for both brands, and others as well if any) thanks everyone