23, Male, Undergraduate Student, Chinese
3 years of professional training in Chinese university’s badminton team, as well as being trained by a well-known coach at XiaGuan Sports School in Nanking, China, which is famous there.
2 years of coaching experience for my university's badminton association and 1 year of private training. Much of the rest time is being a training partner.
Training Target
Badminton beginners, intermediate as well as advance players including adults.
Students of all ages are welcome.
Training Service
Private 1 on 1 Coaching, make training plan according to the trainee’s level.
Private Accompany, mainly provide specialized training and actual fight.
Group coaching, concerned the result, group coaching is limited within 4 people, mainly for badminton beginners.
Proper coaching and guidance are the best way to improve your skills and techniques.Result will be shown within 3 month. Tactical play would be covered in the lessons as well.
Available Training Time
8:00am-16:00pm (day time) from Monday to Sunday
Training Fee
Private Coaching: $250 per session, 10 lessons/session, 2hours/lesson
Private Accompany: $200 per session, 10 lessons/session, 2hours/lesson
Group Coaching: $200 each student, 10 lessons/session, 2hours/lesson
No Courts and balls are provided by coach.

The court you provide is not far away from Pioneer.
If you want to improve your badminton kills, get back to proper form .
If you want to become a stronger and win the viewer’s cheers.
Don’t regret to contact me, I will give you a better opportunity.

You can make the decision after the badminton competition with coach on the court. HP: 93976405(Mr Li)
633 JURONG WEST STREET 65,Singapore