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Thread: Fighting Spirit

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    Default Fighting Spirit

    I think there will be no real solutions you can give me. But maybe any advices

    My fighting spirit is sometimes low as long I'm not in a real match.
    Especially if I know that my opponent is (technically or physically) worse than me or I'm leading with 3 or more points.. And THAT is sad... and stupid...!
    That's like loosing against myself.

    Today, some hours ago, happened the same thing. I was playing with a mate (he's way slower than me 'caused of his weight) and I lost 3 of 4 games. The problem was my fighting spirit which wasn't present.

    When I lack in fighting spirit -> my spirit is "cold", low, not interested, too "chilled", almost acting cool
    When i'm fighting -> I'm on fire and i'm concentrated
    It's good to stay cool, but my problem is that I'm stayting too cool even if I'm going to lose a game

    So, do you maybe have any advices I could "focus" on?

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    If you're just playing for fun, then it doesn't matter. But if you're looking to improve your skills and fitness, then you've got to set targets to keep you motivated. Which can be hard against weaker players. .... What I do is practice a few shots and concentrate on particular placement against them, eg. all the four corners, or get it as close to the tape as possible, etc.----- If you want to really get fired up to win, then just imagine that they've insulted your family name and are now going to suffer the punishment.
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