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    Default HEY wanting to improve badminton games? ( for all ages!) (SG)

    Fellow badminton mates! feel like improving your badminton games?
    always getting mocked or jeered by ur fellow mates for not being up to standard or feel that people are playing so much better than you and you always cant win that person, join my private lessons and improvements will be seen gradually if not at the smooth speed!. i have coached at Nanyang Primary School , trained with ex national players, played and trained with players from safra. had been coaching for close to 3 years. Main coach is Mr Daniel Lee , if you have any inquiries , you may want to contact me , 81011342 for information and i will help direct you to distinction in will be $75 per every session, and its a two hour session for ONE TO ONE trainings.
    it will be $60 dollars for every session, and its a two hour session for GROUP training sessions.
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