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    Default Stringing while injured - some advice needed

    Hi guys, as a very enthusiastic badminton player I read this forum a lot, now time to post something myself;

    since a while I have been injured slightly, having a tennis elbow as well as some weird wrist injury, which has probably to do with my hyperflexible hands (which is an annyoing thing to have).

    anyway, the pain is getting a bit less, so with the new season on the doorstep I would like to increase my frequency of play again, but at the same time avoiding to stress my injuries too much. Therefore my question about stringing;

    What is the best tension to string my racket to release stress on my wrist and elbow, and what would be the best string?

    This saturday I will go to let my racket be restrung, I have access to ML XL, BG 65, 65 Ti, 68 Ti, 80, 85, 98.

    So I hope you fellow enthusiasts will have some good advice on this :-)
    Cheers from Amsterdam!

    - about my style of play (for if this is useful to know); I used to be a very attacking/power player, but now I am somehow forced to take it easy, so focussing more on the defense and long rallies - as in, not smashing from the end of the court anymore ^_^

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    Well, Microlegend XL is the softest (if I recall correctly), so I'd go with that. As for tension, just reduce your usual by 10%.

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