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  • Lee Chong Wei

    32 58.18%
  • Lin Dan

    23 41.82%
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlanY View Post

    I was always wonder how they got all those numbers, from thin air?
    3 net winners in the last games! that cant be right.
    do they have people watching all those games from day 1 as most of them were not on TV? incl qualifications?
    Quote Originally Posted by ctjcad View Post
    the umpire for each match will be the one who records those stats. smash winners, hopefully, will be easy to recognize and classify..
    as for the 3 net winners in the last game, i'll have to find a time to sit down and watch game 3..
    the umpire these days with tournamentsoftware are no longer doing the scorekeeping. they have become rally winner input person. all they need to do is to click which side won the rally and how, then the scoring is updated and propagated electronically to the local flat panels, online, etc, etc.

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    Tournamentsoftware Statistic.

    When player 1 smashes cross court and player 2 dives to save the bird and it went tumbling over the net.

    Here the umpire either tick "other" or "net winner" but most probably the latter one.

    The statistic only shows how the point was won.

    Nothing much really... a player can smash 100 times but if only 10 of them is effective in winning points,

    it will be ticked by the umpire. So some viewers will assume this player is not that aggressive
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