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What's the head heaviness and control like compared to the Armortec 900T?What strings are recommended for control and durability?I know proper technique for smashes but I can't seem to handle stiff-shafted racquets; would the Tantrum 500 help me put more "oomph" in my smashes?
I used to play with a pair of Armortech 900Ts strung with Zymax67 at 22/24.

One of them broke after a mis-hit and I sort of didn't want to keep laying out GBP130 for new rackets. So I tried out a friend's Tantrum 300 and it felt pretty similar. So I bought one and got it strung with the same Zymax67 at the same tension.

I can say that it is a more superior racket in every way. Power, control, touch, speed, accuracy. Never have I felt happier with a racket than my tantrum 300. I am going to treat myself to a second this xmas.