USA The Level 1 Certified Community Coach Course is the basic level course in the new USAB Community Coach Development Program. The two day (15 hr) English course is directed to those interested in promoting and developing players from novice up to beginner competition level. The course teaches the fundamental rules and skills of the game in a fun and safe environment emphasizing on technical elements, basic feeding, singles and doubles teaching techniques and game tactics. Students will be assessed throughout the course by the instructor. On-court participation in conducting small group lesson, drills and presentation is mandatory. The course will be conducted by the USAB Coaching Personnel: Mohan Subramaniam, Andy Gouw, and Fred Coleman.
Venue: ClubSport Fremont
Students: 6 to 12 students.
Cost: $195
Prerequities required prior to registration.
For more informtion please contact David Siu at