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    Default Prime Lin Dan vs prime Taufik?

    So, who do you think was the best in their prime? I'm not sure what Taufik's prime was - maybe 2004 and 2005? But Lin Dan's prime was probably after 2006 and his game has changed immensely up to the last WC. Or could it be that the rise of Lin Dan and LCW robbed Taufik of more titles from 2006 to 2008?

    The Lin Dan at the 2008 Olympics was a Super Dan relying on power smashes and speed. The Lin Dan at the 2013 World Championship was a boring rallying & defensive Lin Dan but arguably, Lin Dan's control and consistency in 2013 is better than 2008 and it allowed him to play such a boring style and still win the WC.

    Taufik has an unrivaled backhand in the game. I don't recall any men's singles player in the last decade who can backhand smash like him and maybe we won't even see a player in this next decade who can do the same.

    Lin Dan though arguably has the best net control in the game. His net control is unrivaled in singles and it gives him the edge over LCW time after time.

    So you can pick whatever time frame you want for both players - just pick what you think is their prime. How do you think prime Lin Dan would do against prime Taufik?
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    You can do a search.

    It has been discussed, argued and fermented in the past.

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