After doing some searches and can't find too much information . . .

I am wondering if anyone have any good tips, techniques, drills, videos, etc to improve or practice how to defend smashes with strong counter attack pushes or drives specifically forehand overhands.

I kind of know how to do it but it is pathetic compares to my friends. When they execute this, it's just WOW... Even against strong smashes and when they are in mid court, racket is up, knees bend as needed, momentum slightly forward, and they would counter attack the smashes.

In general, my defense is pretty good especially backhand and on both side defending with lower hands against steep smashes. But when the smashes are high or I am stuck in the mid court where the smashes are coming at me chest to shoulder high, I am having problem defending and not able to counter attack. Secondly, my pushes are pretty good too and I practice this a lot. But when I try to push/drives to defend a high smash, I am not able to put it together.