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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashaan View Post
    Having started following the Badminton-International matches recently (1 year or so), and keep searching for the old-matches in Youtube, in-order to understand the play-strategies, started loving the commentary from GC...

    It looks all the more interesting, with her excitement phrases, "Ohh my Goodness", "Goodness me", though they are quite repetitive sometime...

    Just found one of the GC match video in Youtube (not her commentary, but she actually playing)
    I cannot describe how weird it is for an Englishman to hear Martin Tyler commentating on badminton...

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    I only know Andy Gray and Martin Tyler commenting on the premiership match..

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    At the Denmark Open SSP, GC and Morten frost were doing their thing while Saina Nehwal played against Minatsu Mitani. Now, the news had been all about Saina dumping Gopi and training with Vimal Kumar in Bangalore, because she found Vimal to be more proactive or something. Well, GC and MF were discussing the fact that Saina was actually conversing with her coaches (Madhumita and another guy) at the interval of G2, and Morten thought it was a really good thing.

    Then GC came up with this old English expression she had been trying hard to remember, to underscore the importance of communication.

    "Tell me, I forget
    Ask me, I remember
    Involve me, I know".

    MF: "Oh, that's very ...poetic!"

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