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    Default Curious about 4U

    Ive heard a lot about 4U rackets;
    How they break easily because of tension
    how they break because of a clash
    How they break because of lack of materiel.
    And how they vibrate ( not always though )

    But when i looked in the "Broken rackets" section of the forum...
    I only saw 3U rackets break..

    My friend has a Black Knight Ghost, which weights 75g ( i assume thats 5U )
    and hes had it for quite some time now. It still did not break.
    So that kind of got me wondering.

    For everyone that had or has a racket, 4U
    Did it ever break on you? or is it still alive.
    id like to know how much people actually broke a 4U compared to 3U


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    4U rackets might be easier to break compared to 3U ones.
    However, I would say it's mainly because of your skill.

    If you mis-hitting the area a lot, string breaks no matter how high the tension for string or the weight of rackets.

    If you hit someone else's racket, your racket will be damaged.
    Most of time you cannot see how bad your racket is damaged.
    And, you never know when the damage will cause the racket totally crack.


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