An old one but wanted to share with those that have not seen it before.

By: Henry C. Daut

LORD, bless me as I step into the COURT
to play the game of BADMINTON.
Allow me to have a good GRIP
of the racket I will hold and the game I will play.
Guide my every STEP as I move to cover every SHOT.
Help me to deliver the best SERVICE
to my fellowmen.
Be it SHORT, LONG or even just a FLICK
of a second.
Give me the strength to CLEAR the way
to reach greater heights.
The power to SMASH all barriers that try to block
the way to success.
Grant that I may have the courage to RECEIVE
the blows that may come my way.
Increase my desire to DRIVE forward
despite some failures.
Let me not DROP my guard and become
complacent because of little victories.
Instead give me the speed to rush forward
to NET greater results and
go for the KILL to score.
Not just in the game of BADMINTON,
but more importantly in the
real game of LIFE.
Make every victory a reminder of bigger
and stronger challenges ahead.
Let every defeat become a learning experience
that there is more to learn to become better
and that I can also savor the joy of winning
if I work hard to improve my game.
Help me to understand that the person on the other side
of the net is not just an opponent that I have to beat
but a partner that will bring out my best in the contest.
Finally, help me Lord to learn not just the lessons
of the game but more importantly, the lessons of life
that I may become an excellent badminton player,
but more significantly a better person in life.

Kindest regards,


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