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    Default Succesfully claimed warranty

    I was just wondering, how many of you succesfully claimed a broken racket? What kind of brand, type of racket and were was it broken?

    I recently succesfully claimed a Yonex Voltric 80. It was restrung with NBG98, but 1 main string snapped at 1 O'clock when I was not arround and the frame bended towards that corner, so it cracked. It was only 11 kg (24-25 LBS) so it was well within the specs. I had no hopes it would be replaced, but it did! Also clear it was not a clash, so I wonder if I'm just lucky.

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    im interested in this question also...its worth knowing about our chance of claiming before we actually spend more money try to send back to the seller (especially to the online seller)

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