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    Default penalty for Walkover

    I think walkover is a very serious problem in badminton now .... it is getting worse and worse... it will only get worse... it is extremely unfair to fans who bought tickets to watch them... it is extremely unfair to sponsors... it is extremely unfair to TV stations who bought the rebroadcasting rights...

    i think from now on, anyone who withdraw against his own countryman (in QF, SF or Finals) ought to be presumed to be acting in a conspiracy... he ought to be presumed to be trying to give an unfair advantage to his team mate...

    i propose the following.... Anyone who withdraw against his own teammate in a PSS or SS event should have the following points deducted from the WR points:

    SF: 2500
    F: 3000

    It is also only fair that he should not share the prize money....

    any thoughts?
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