h my God..
They sell fake low and mid end Yonex

crazy, it seems we need to be more be careful when buying Yonex racket since it seems the fake seller trying to reach Yonex low and mid end racket

some pictures..


awful looking bag


Armortec 30

nother awful looking bag

bad grip, bad plastic cover (wrong logo, etc)


Arcsaber 008

nother cheap looking bag.. (what do you expect for a fake racket that cost you only for 18? (whereas the real price is around 60 )

funny pictures award goes to:

oh yeah.. it seems they think we are stupid enough not to know it's an arcsaber 7 and 9
so what they do is to help us by putting arcsaber 7 and 9 on the bag lol!
it's hilarious..

so yeah guys, beware of fake rackets..