I have a few questions to ask people about starting up a doubles badminton league in the "West End" (Halton, Hamilton, Niagara, Brantford area)
  1. How far would you travel to play in a badminton league?
  2. How much would you be willing to pay for a season?
  3. Would you prefer a Completitive or Rec League?

When answering the above questions, please assume the following:
  • 8 teams play each other twice, then 1 set of play-offs/consolation round
  • Challenges comprise of 3 MD, 1 WD and 2 XD
  • Rec League only - CDE players only, nylon birds provided by league
  • Competitive League - BCDE players only, feather birds provided by players
  • (A replication of the Badminton Federation for Pan Am Games league model)

Looking forward to some feedback here.... You can also PM your feedback too!