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    Default Is there a place to play in Vilamoura, Algarve?

    I`m going to Vilamoura this summer. Does anyone know whether there are places to play there? I`m going on 3 July for a week. If there are places and you are also there and fancy playing, give us a shout.

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    Never played in Algarve but I know there are places to play. Following is a link from a badminton fanatic in Portugal, where he list the contact for Algarve area.

    Algarve badminton association
    Associação de Badminton do Algarve
    President : José Armando Guita Silva
    Address : Rua do Município, Bl. 97 R/C Dtº
    8400 Lagoa
    Telephone : 289416466 Fax: 289416465

    Clubs listed in Portuguese badminton association page:

    Silves Futebol Clube – SFC
    Rua Francisco Pablos, 18 e 20
    Apartado 92
    8300-999 Silves

    Clube de Futebol Esperança de Lagos – CFEL
    Secção de Badminton
    Praça Luis de Camões, 22 – 1º
    8600-669 Lagos

    Associação Cultural Desportiva CHE Lagoense – CHEL
    Rua do Municipio, Bloco 97 R/C Dtº
    8400 Lagoa

    Gil Eanes Juventude Portimonense Clube - GEJPC
    Edificio Gil Eanes, bloco a – 8º D
    Largo Gil Eanes
    8500 Portimão

    I think Vilamoura is located in Quarteira or close by if not in mistake. Can try contacting the regional association and check which club is closest to where you are staying. The clubs listed here are all situated to the west of Quarteira. It took over an 1 hr drive from Quarteira to Portimão as far as I could remember. The last time I was in that area was about 15 yaers ago, so the roads could have improved a lot.

    Good luck!

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