Hi all,

I have been struggling with my forehand high serve. I tried using a basic grip and forearm pronation to generate power (like in a clear) but fail because of the awkward angle and position. As a result, my forehand serve is either high but not deep, or deep but not high.

I found this excellent slow motion video showing the execution of a forehand serve. From my observation, the coach used a bevel grip and wrist flexion (and a little pronation) to generate power. Another important point is the back swing of the racket pointing the butt towards shuttle.

A close up of her technique can be found at 3:42 to 3:47 (while slow motion footage of forehand serve is found at 2:39 to 5:00).

So my question is what is the correct grip and do I do forearm pronation or wrist flexion to generate power?

Thanks in advance!