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    Three properties must exist to get a fast and quick racket:

    - low overall weight
    - aerodynamic frame profile
    - headlight balance

    All these things have their limit. You can get a 6 U racket, but every advantage brings disadvantages. A 6U racket will lack in terms of power while it's very easy at the net and at defense. It could due the low weight fragile.

    You can get one of the most slim frame and shaft, which gives you best acceleration of the racket head, but this means that this racket isn't stable and can collapse easily.

    I terms of highlight balance I made an experience with a headlight 3U racket. I add much leadtape around the handle to end up as 2U with a balance point around 240mm. It felt strange and weird. The racket was easy to move around but was unplayable.

    So this extremes are possible, but it is important to find your own limits. Every strength can be a weakness, too.

    I played one game with my friends Karakal SL-70 Gel. The racket was a dream, I caught nearly every strong smash of my friend. It was easy to do deceptions and double, triple movements. It was a funny toy. But down to serious gaming it was a disease. No Power for smashs and clears. I must put everything into these shots to get a average result.

    After all, everything has its limits and borders. For me every racket lighter than 4U is not needful. A balance point lower than 280mm is not pleasant for me. When it comes to aerodynamics I'm a fan of the brave sword design but don't have much experieces with others. In terms of stiffness I would choose something between midstiff to stiff. You wrote you have a fast arm movement it could might be that you benefit more from a stiffer racket. I think you won't have only posts as namedropping of different models. I like the 9900, but everyone is different.
    In relation to your problem. I had a Spira22 a while ago, and didn't get any power of it. My partner in doubles get it from me and said "It's the best of all rackets I ever tried and my smash is a lot harder". For me this combination didn't work. The NS 9900 is a better choice for me. I benefit more from its stiff shaft.

    These three properties must be in balance and limited to get a racket which can be satisfied in all aspects. And the stiffness is the fourth variable.

    You could try some demos from You could choose NS9900, the Nanoray 700 RP (4U) and one of the Karakal 70's. So you can get the Impressions from very light to normal weight and super stiff to midflex. So it can be the next step to determinate which racket would fit you better.


    P.S. Meld dich mal wegen dem Forza, wenn du den noch haben solltest. Ich w�rde gerne ein paar Bildern sehen.

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    Thanks a lot for your good and interesiting report! ;-)

    Last Friday I played again with the slim frame Friendship Tender 10 TI. And again: For me the Racket is very fast and powerful.
    The racket have a BP about 290 mm (it feels headlight, but it is more even) and it have a weight (incl. overgrip) about 90 gr. [mdium flex, string: BG 80, 10 kg/22 - 22,5 lb]
    So I agree directly to your properties "low weight" and "aeordynamic"; but for me it seems that a even balanced racket would be good as long as it has a light and aerodynamic feeling.

    Your experience with the Spira is interesting and it`s again the verfication for me to test e.g. the Bravesword against the NS9900 against the MX804U....

    I also said that I normally prefer rackets which are not so stiff. But I could imagine that a stiff, but light, aerodymaic and slime shaft racket suit my style...
    Thanks for your good idea with the test rackets from "tennistown"!

    Please check your PM; I want to send you pictures from the FZ ;-)

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    i propose ns9000S OR X
    or arcsb Z slash if u enjoy smashing..

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