Sorry this is my first time posting on this forum, so if I'm asking wrong or in the wrong place, please excuse me (:

So I am looking for a new racket, and I narrowed down to VT7 and Arcsaber 008. I am looking for general opinion on both these rackets. The price of these rackets are similar.

How do you guys find these rackets? I also enjoy a well-balanced racket (slightly towards head heavy side, balance point of something similar to Arcsaber Z Slash/Arcsaber 10). So is the VT7 a lot more head heavy than the AS-ZS/10?

Also I realize the shaft of Arcsaber 008 is stiff, but the balance is not head heavy. Does having a stiff shaft on top of being not very head heavy hinder its power?

Lastly, how do you guys find the feel of these rackets overall? What kind of players would be suitable for using VT7 or Arcsaber 008?

Thanks a lot guys!