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    Default Li-Ning Woods N80

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    First started feeling solid. Heavy head with the now popular singles shoot different, N80 gives the sense of balance is quite good, not blindly forward. This means that you can feel the ball better than grasp. Pull the ball in the warm-up time, N80 of the elastic bars or the continuation of the tradition of Li Ning N series, high hardness, good elasticity, feel more comfortable.

    Balance - measured about 298

    Lofty goals - has been that we must first learn to master a badminton most the most important, is the lofty goals, it is often not score means, but a necessary means to limit the opponent, Getting Started badminton, that is, from the pace and lofty goals the beginning. The ball has a few old friends, took the N80, quick swing, breaking wind sound, with the strength of inertia, you can very easily play high-quality lofty goals, and not afraid to not in place, but to control the intensity and the launch angle of the problem, so the bottom line, unless you play badminton will not fly ~ ~

    Then kill, defense - N80's strengths, plus the first re-balance the wing, whether it is to kill block net access, or withdraw the backcourt with the racket inertia has a good performance, about as long as the skilled hand, not too passive defense are can be relatively easy to resolve, the feeling is an upgraded version of the second generation N55, performance is more excellent, then kill the doubles field after the top row, sometimes wonderful experience, watching the opponent has to kill, and the lack of sub-benefits, you will feel very proud of ~

    Level pumping, fast file: N80 block this technology in the flat part of the pumping performance has been very good, a special frame, is to bring the speed, but for beginners, it would be more tired, usually about 5 minutes of continuous pumping fast flat confrontation, there will be tired hand sense, this is the first remake inevitable disadvantage, enhance strength training, is necessary, the best practice approach is to use a mineral water, bottled water, holding the position of analog flat cap pumping action file, of course, decide how much water I usually full.

    Attack, under pressure, to kill the ball, badminton is always the most important score means most can be said to dominate the badminton competition of the soul, N80 is developed for this purpose, Yufeng of the blade, against the wind, is caused by strike moment of explosive powder and ball ball into the other space and ground rubber friction when the voice, can make you very excited. Here's a view I very agree with that - perhaps you would fear making use of offensive, not always of their own self-confidence; perhaps you are still constantly choose their own badminton rackets, confused and headache among If you choose high-end badminton racket at the same time, do not ignore the existence of this racket, the power is not the most important determinant of speed as will the other scared. Sometimes the novice will always wonder, can control the high-end racket, but will to choose cheap imitation shoot, I have to tell you, there is no imitation of any technology more difficult to control the shot.

    - *This is a Pre-Order Purchase, so please dont get madd of the processing times.

    - If you buy this, you will Probably be one of the first prople to own a Li-ning woods N80 in this world or your country.

    - 100% Genuine.

    - Pre-Order $270us (Probably will be cheaper later....)

    - Thank You!

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    lmao... fail google translate? and the new racquet going to cost this much, usd270? >.<

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    Default how much?

    is the racquet still available? price?

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