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    Question Rackets being sold on e-bay

    Hello. Has anybody purchased rackets from e-bay? If so, from your experience, are these genuine rackets made in Japan or are they Clones from HK or Singapore? Also do you know which seller is selling the real stuff and who is selling fakes?


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    There've been more than one threads talking about e-bay purchases. Relatively speaking, without actually see the products, more or less, the transaction involves kind of risk(s).

    E-bay does have genuien racket sellers, but more than one ppl also claimed there are several "bad apple" carrying fake stuff. Since I never involved in any of such transections, I don't think it's right for me to just figure out who's good and who's bad.

    The suggestion is, unless u really short of $$$, and willing to take relatively higher risk (shopping without seeing the product and the seller), maybe trying to find a nice deal locally or from a reputable on-line store should be a better idea.

    If u decide to buy from ebay, try to ask questions such as providing pics of the actual racket (not a scan pic from catalog), including serial #(cone and shaft ones), specs (to verify if there's such model), etc. Generally, sellers provide satification answers are more like geniune goods carriers, while the one ignore buyers, or talking in non sense will have much higher risk to do business with.

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