It came to many people's attention that the newer rackets yonex makes seems to have dropped in 'quality', not that it's paintwork is off or something, but the rackets are more fragile than b4, easier chips, and higher risk of breaking. The armortec 900 is a pretty solid racket, one of my friends who is quite rich has clashed his 900 power b4 quite hard but luckily did not break, while his new vt80 is pretty much screwed after clashing (which he said is around the same zone as the 900, perhaps 10 o'clock but the clash is lighter as he could remember) and he had to buy another one. His new zslash also cracked, and his general review is that the new rackets chip, scratch and break more easily than b4. Here I have a living testimonial to yonex' build quality, search the forum and you can find more similar reviews. Perhaps yonex, in the quest for speed and lightness, make stuff thinner (i.e. the nanopreme shaft) and though whatever fancy technology used, it does not get any more solid.