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    Default do i need an insole?

    Hi, i just made a really big mistake! I bought the shb 102 ltd recently on a size 8.5 UK. when it arrived i felt it was a bit big and my right foot slides forward when i lunge. So i ordered a size 8UK(my feet size) and kept the 8.5 to compare. I tried the 8uk my feet didnt slide at all but it felt uncomfortable. So in the end I chose comfort over a snug fit. I just tried and played with the 8.5uk today and after a game of singles the sole of my feet started to develop some blisters. ive now returned the size 8 so im stuck wth the 8.5. now if i buy an insole will it change anything? Im thinking of buying the sole regular moldable insoles but its a bit pricey for �36. obviously i dont want to waste money again so will an insole save me from this mistake?

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    yes, insoles help you from moving. i used a size 11 shoes when i should have used size 10 or 10.5. same problem, slides and blisters etc.

    after adding an insole (victor) in my asics shoes, i stopped sliding, less blisters and my heel hurt less.

    a few months later the extra height made me twist my ankle and i took it out ever since even though my heel hurts now. so up to you

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