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    Default MEMORANDUM TO YONEX JP about BG 66 SHARP , Please bring it back in production!!

    Hi My Name is Krist, I am Yonex racket lover and My favorite string is BG 66 Sharp from yonex, a few months ago I didnt believe that yonex are going to discontinue this string because this string had a huge market in Asia.but believe it or not, now Yonex already discontinued this string and I am unable to find this string anymore. I am really2 sad because I cannot buy that string anymore.

    I know Yonex already made a new string ,maybe to replace BG 66 Sharp Market, But I found there is none of them that the feel is similar with BG 66 Sharp.

    And I Know there is many of Badminton lover had the same feeling with me. Because this string had a huge market in Asia.
    Now I welcome all BG66 SHARP LOVER to reply my thread and give the memorandum to put this string in PRODUCTION AGAIN , and I hope Yonex will listen to us and re produce BG 66 Sharp again.Please reply my thread as many as possible ,so Yonex will listen to us and bring back this string in production again.

    Long Live BG66 Sharp

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    Idd it s a shame I wanted to test it and now I cant find it anywhere except few in Australia or Ebay :/. Which string would be the closest on of the BG 66 sharp? Currently playing with the BG 66 ultimax , I d be curious to know tho .

    on a side note im also curious which badminton strings will use if they are no any longer produced by Yonex :X

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