A few weeks later All England is back again to reward us with more spectacular matches coming from the National Indoor Arena and the last Premier Event (am i right?) that counts towards the Olympic Qualification ranking points. The one of the few major events that can create upsets and new found motivation for players and will once again serve as an indicator of the potential favourites to win the Olympics medals.

As far Chinese record is concerned, every Chinese player from all disciplines with the exception of Gong Zhichao that won the All England in the Olympic year had failed to live up to expectation and win the gold eventually which is statistically interesting.

We'll also be able to know roughly whether Chen Jin on the other hand is able to secure his Olympic berth and his performance coupled with Gade's defeat as early as possible is critical to his fate. This means do we get to see another antics by Lin Dan? Very likely indeed. Same for the rest of the categories, all will be taking this Premier event very seriously to collect as many points as possible.