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    I wonder if the racquet is a fake?? I had someone at the club who gave a me a new 'Yonex NS9000' which he'd bought in China for 7.00 (!!!) to string and I had to do it 3 times as it kept on warping. Both of us figured it was a fake due to the price, and it felt really lightweight too. Even with the racquet unstrung the head could be twisted when I gripped it hard to test it. I've never ever seen a racquet so soft that the head could be distorted manually. I went ahead anyway to string it just out of curiosity and the first time it came out with the head ever so slightly asymmetrical. I decided to restring it again at lower tension and it came out the same but distorting the other way. My third attempt was just passable but I let him know what I thought and he's given it to his kids to play with as we felt any amount of hard use in court would most likely break it. These days when I see a racquet that is unfamiliar I like to give it a manual twist and pull at the head to satisfy myself that the head will stay in shape. Has anyone else had this experience with clones or cheaper racquets?

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    that would be possible if the racket were a Yonex. but the OP says it is a blackknight.

    i do agree that fake rackets are terrible. they are made of cheap carbon fiber and is very flexible.

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