First of all congratulations for this amazing site and all contributions and the useful information I am finding here!

I used to play badminton 5/6 days a week and had a good performance in tournaments until I hurt my elbow and had to stop playing (1997). Now I have decided to give it a try again but in a different fashion, more relaxed.

I started a couple of weeks ago and was surprised by a number of facts:

(1) It is not any more about sets of 15 points winning back the service in order to add a point to your score! (this new way of counting when I play doubles is still confusing!). Since every single point counts I find that playing singles is completely different to what it used to be! A difference of 5 points is not what it was! now it makes a huge difference!

(2) I also found out that my racquet and shoes look rather old (to say the least), since the last ones I used where a Yonex Boron 200 and a pair of Baiky shoes. There's been a lot of technological development in the last decade. As soon as I arrived at the court, the first day I started again, a kid looked at me like saying: "where did you get "those" old and ugly shoes?" . So I tried to catch up and bought a pair of Yonex shoes (cool!) and an ArcSaber 8DX (nice!).

(3) When I stopped playing I was super fit, but too young to think clearly on the game. Too many smashes, too little strategy. Now that some years have past I find I see the game differently, but my shoulder, wrist, and body in general are way too far from where they were in terms of fitness hahaha so it will take some time to get used to the 26lbs+ again...

See you around!