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Thread: lack of Stamina

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    This is another good video to watch.
    It's what I do to train for stamina.
    And as visor said (he seems to be always correct) interval training is what you need.
    I would even try high intensity interval training.
    The difference is:
    Low intensity is going from 50-60% cardio level (measured as your heart rate) to almost resting rate 10-25%.
    High intensity is going from 80-90% to 30-50%.

    Having good rhythm of the game is important (as mentioned peter) and rhythm in footwork will do miracles for your stamina. It also helps if you can predict your opponents shots, this comes from experience though. Watching videos of "typical" response shots would help make up for lack of experience.

    Bleh, that's all I can offer for now...
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