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Thread: WC progress

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    Default WC progress

    Hi Jonas,

    I was one of the few people who cheered you on (against the British folk)!

    Many congratulations of your wins so far in the Mens doubles and Mixed.

    You were playing aweseome. By the way, when did you change over to Yonex? was that the reason why you gave away your old rackets to your fans?

    You were very sporting against Simon Archer, who was using time waisting tactics and trying to psyche you out. Shame on him!

    You are so fast at the net, you are probably the fastest male net player I have seen, along with maybe Sigit.

    Good luck!

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    Yeah I'm watching his match now live on TV and I just noticed that Jonas has switched to using Yonex MP99.

    What happened to Forza??

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