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    Quote Originally Posted by venkatesh View Post
    Good job Abedeng. It's like you brought me to Birmingham to watch with you. It would be nice to show your pic also. :-)
    What is shown is only a smattering of the experience. People don't actually realize what they are missing when they are not there. Sure there is live telecast, but it doesn't capture even 50 per cent of what happened.

    The crowds in Europe have graduated into more excitable ones like in Asia. Case in point, notice how much noise they make when the GB Mixed Doubles pairs fought tooth and nail against the Malaysians and Indonesians respectively.

    Previously, and up to the 90s at least, the crowds were more robotic (like in tennis), applauding only during a break in the game. And then, silence. Badminton needs passionate crowds, it is one of the differentiators between it and other racquet sports.

    To find my pic, you gotta visit the older threads circa 2007 - 2011. I tend not to get myself photographed during events.

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    Wink Things to do ..... at the Birmingham Canals

    Birmingham's history has a lot to do with the Canals. And so, before we leave this great City, let us explore the various activities related to the Canal. You would be surprised as to how the Canal has graduated from being the source of water supply and transportation, to the source of enjoyment for the locals and visitors alike.

    Although I must say, the general cleanliness of the Canals is, err, somewhat lacking .........

    So, what can we do at the not-so-clean Birmingham Canals?

    Name:  Canal1.jpg
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    Well, we could take a boat ride ......

    Name:  Canal Boat.jpg
Views: 246
Size:  152.2 KB
    .... and good looking boats they are too.

    Name:  Canal Narrow.jpg
Views: 240
Size:  152.7 KB
    Of course, the boats must be narrow enough to pass through restricted spaces ....

    Name:  Canal Hyatt.jpg
Views: 239
Size:  157.5 KBName:  Canal Hyatt2.jpg
Views: 237
Size:  123.8 KB
    ..... or we could just walk along the canal, here are some views of the Hyatt from the Canal

    Name:  Canal Brindleyplace.jpg
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Size:  148.1 KB
    How about a drink at a bar in BrindleyPlace? Not for me, of course, I don't drink .....

    Name:  Canal Restaurant1.jpg
Views: 223
Size:  166.2 KBName:  Canal Restaurant2.jpg
Views: 225
Size:  176.7 KB
    ...... instead, I went to this restaurant for food .....

    Name:  Canal View.jpg
Views: 226
Size:  132.8 KB
    ..... a restaurant with a good view, I might add .....

    Name:  Canal Canoe.jpg
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    ..... where you can see girls on canoes while enjoying your food .....

    Name:  Canal Fishing.jpg
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Size:  185.6 KB
    .... and finally, do a spot of fishing!

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    Default Emirates ..... and Layover in Dubai

    As I get, err, aged, there is less tolerance to direct flights above 10 hours, as I shuttle back and forth from East to West and back.

    Enter Emirates, the Dubai based airline with one of the newest aircraft fleets in the world.

    With the Emirates main hub strategically located exactly at midpoint between South East Asia and Europe, it is just the right tonic for the reduced tolerance long distance passenger ..... The fact that it has the biggest Airbus A380 fleets in the world is a bonus - trust me, once you are in the A380, all other planes are inadequate.

    During the layover in Dubai on the way to London, there was an exhibition of the history of Dubai Aviation, with Dubai Airport now probably the most congested airport in the world during peak hours.

    Pictures of the exhibition:

    Name:  Dubai 50years.jpg
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Size:  128.9 KB
    50 years of Aviation in Dubai - in partnership with BP

    Name:  Dubai History1.jpg
Views: 207
Size:  147.0 KB
    How it all started .......

    Name:  Dubai Airport Old.jpg
Views: 1359
Size:  129.7 KBName:  Dubai Airport Old2.jpg
Views: 896
Size:  134.7 KB
    ..... with this old Airport ..... must have been an unhospitable place then ....

    Name:  Dubai Camel.jpg
Views: 196
Size:  130.1 KB
    ..... because this camel died ........

    Name:  Dubai History2.jpg
Views: 197
Size:  149.2 KB
    ..... but now it has undergone rapid modernization ....

    Name:  Dubai Ambition.jpg
Views: 194
Size:  133.1 KB
    ...... in order to meet future traffic growth demands.

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    Default The Emirates Lounge

    What I love most about this place is the free lounge. All First Class, Business Class, Skywards Gold and Silver members can have complementary use of the two lounges. First Class has a separate lounge of its own, the rest share another lounge.

    Pics here:

    Name:  Emirates Checkin.jpg
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Size:  128.2 KB
    Passengers checking in at the Emirates Business Class Lounge

    Name:  Emirates Rolex.jpg
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Size:  132.2 KB
    Accurate timekeeping, courtesy of Rolex

    Name:  Emirates PS3.jpg
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Size:  131.1 KB
    Here, you can play games on the PS3 ....

    Name:  Emirates Food2.jpg
Views: 200
Size:  137.4 KBName:  Emirates Food.jpg
Views: 199
Size:  118.8 KB
    ...... indulge in good food .......

    Name:  Emirates Schedule.jpg
Views: 193
Size:  118.5 KBName:  Emirates Schedule2.jpg
Views: 197
Size:  110.6 KB
    .... without worrying if you will miss your flight

    Name:  Emirates Wifi.jpg
Views: 195
Size:  147.5 KB
    And free Internet access comes with printing facilities - great!!!

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