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    Default Strings break after first few hits = bad stringer?

    For the stringers out there, do you ever get customers who break their strings right off the bat and blame it on you as bad stringing?

    Although there are many factors to take into account, who would more likely be at fault, the stringer or the player?

    Also what are your policies if a customer does in fact come back to you about the stringing job?

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    it depends where the string breaks.

    usually when i see these kind of cases, the player is at fault because they break the string from mishit near the top or the bottom of the frame.

    check out this thread:

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    I can't really say that the players are more often at fault than stringers, because if your stringer is bad, of course your strings are going to break. But generally speaking, if the stringer has some decent experience and knowledge, and if the strings break near the frame, the player would be at fault because it happened from a mis hit.

    I've never had anyone really blame my stringing because once they show me their racket, I can show them what exactly happened. For instance, the group I play with the most often plays in a gym with a really rough surface and everyone picks up the shuttles with their rackets. Result, if they don't use tape, the strings are all damaged on the outside of the frame. If the string broke is one of the middle mains and at the top (or bottom, but that has never happened), it's easy to demonstrate that a mis hit there can easily break the strings.

    Although I know it's not my fault when that happens, I will often restring the racket for free if they could only play with the racket once or twice before it broke. But that's just me, I love stringing and the fee I charge is enough to cover another restring.

    Anecdote: After playing badminton for about 3-4 years, my strings started snapping every 2 weeks / 1 month (which is really often for bg 65 at low tension) and I blamed the stringers (which would never ever refund anything) but they didn't care. From then on, I made my racket be strung by an international renowned tennis stringer (which was about 1 - 1,5 hours away from home) and my strings didn't really break anymore. However, a couple months later, one of my coaches made me notice that I was always holding my racket too close to the cone, which made the shuttle land higher on my racket, which made my strings snap more often. Looking back at this, the stringers might not have been at fault at the time (even though the string jobs by the real professionals did last longer).

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