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    Default Breathing and Nose Congestion

    I don't know why, but during the first 30 minutes of my badminton practice, my breathing is a bit difficult. It feels as if the air cavity is a bit restricted or congested. (No, I don't have any cold or flu.) I don't know if there is any presence of mucus.

    But after one hour of play, my breathing feels great. Easy and smooth.

    how come?

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    After an inactive day in smoggy Hong Kong , your nasal lining has produced its normal amount of protective mucus. At the beginning of your badminton session, your heart is pumping blood into the nasal mucosa and it "swells" a little bit. That, plus the mucus, cause the stuffiness.
    But once you really get going the adrenaline shrinks the lining of your nose and opens your airways, so you no longer feel congested.

    You may have other issues beyond this that you may want to take up with your doctor. But your story doesn't sound too worrisome. If you don't like that temporary stuffiness, then before your exercise session blow your nose and take a couple of sprays of nasal saline spray (non-medicinal salty water). It might help a bit..

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