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    Default best way to improve badminton specified lung performance


    my natural given strength were always the fast things like 100m sprint, long jump, high jump etcetc...
    everything above 400m was a pain for me in schooltimes and i was very very bad

    due to a lot of running over the last years i think my run performance is acceptable, also in my club i think im ahead of pretty much everyone in longer distance running - but compared to the many work i put into it its not a thing im proud of at all
    but still i find myself heavily breathing during badminton single sure this has to do with my (yet) bad footwork, but i wanna improve that
    because of my "good" (for my standards) condition i can recover quick and be ready for next points

    i think badminton running is different to just long distance run, it is a lot of anaerob running with many breaks for recover

    since i will keep training my run-condition i will do it specifically for badminton single games in the future

    can you give me good ideas for how i should train? i think intervall training would be the best thing to go? i dont have a problem torturing myself (i never run without a clock because i cannot hold myself to not run my fastest and must see how my time was at the end)
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