5th Kumpoo MBA Junior Age Group Badminton Championships 2012: Showcasing Players Of Tomorrow

DATE : Friday 13th July 2012 to Sunday 15th July 2012
TIME : From 8.00 am onwards
VENUE : MBA @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong
CLOSING DATE : Sunday 20th May 2012

All budding Badminton players put in hours on court honing their skills; they sweat it out in training to build their stamina. However, all that matters is your performance in a big match as it helps you tests your skills. And Michaelís Badminton Academy brings you the perfect opportunity to match your skills with other talented players from China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Egypt at the 5th MBA Junior Age Group Badminton Championships 2012. Itís your place to shine, showcase your talent and announce your arrival on the big scene.

This mega event is being held to coincide with the much anticipated senior event, 41st Kumpoo World Morning Cup Badminton Championships 2012. The first forty editions of this widely recognized event were held in Taiwan and now itís making its appearance at MBAís Bandar Puteri center. Needless to say, things are only going to get bigger and grander.

With such a large scale event held simultaneously, itís obvious that the Junior event will attract a lot of attention as well, keeping the spotlight firmly on the young talent. The event is held in Under 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 categories for both boys and girls, and will serve as the perfect launch pad for budding badminton players. Whatís more, young players will get much needed exposure to professionally held tournaments, which are the name of the game today.

Itís the perfect time for parents to bring their kids to the tournament as well and help them get the attention they deserve. With fantastic travel and accommodation arrangements in place, you can be rest assured that your family will have a comfortable stay too.

An event of such magnitude offers tremendous scope for sponsors to get associated with it too. Clearly, this one is an event thatís practically un-missable for anyone who has the passion for Badminton.

For more information, visit us @ www.mba101badminton.com