This guy is a pretty big star in Indonesia. When I went over there almost everyone knew him.

He doesnt seem that well known and it may be because he peaked during a time where the internet and open source information was not popular but this guy is absolutely spectacular. He's an MD player who its incredibly hard even though he is past his prime and very sharp on court. Some highlights of his career include beating LYD twice.

He came over to Canada to coach and he absolutely stunned me. I mean I know Canadian players are a walk in the park but he was something else. I remember him warming up with another Indonesian from the national junior team and the first 5 smashes he hit, the junior couldnt react. The owner of the club he was working for actually had to come up to him and ask him to make the game interesting because he was just walking over everyone.

Sadly he is back in Indonesia and I never got a chance to spar with him. I was wondering if any of you know anything about him and/or have videos of him competing internationally. The only videos I could find was of him in Canada walking around and smacking everyone.