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    Default Where can I play in Madison, WI?

    Hello, Where would be a good place to play badminton in Madison, Wisconsin?
    Thank you

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    Ok, this is 3 years late, but hopefully it will be useful for anyone else inquiring about badminton in Wisconsin. There are at least 3 venues to play in the Madison area:

    - UW Badminton Club (restricted to UW community but if you know someone in the club or who uses the fitness facilities at the UW Natatorium, they can get you in as a guest and I believe the fee is something like $6 or so a day). Here's the link for the club:

    - Also, the Madison School Community Recreation (MSCR) runs leagues Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings in the fall and spring semesters at East High School (on East Washington, about 1.5 miles east of the Capital) and at Memorial High School, diagonally across the intersection from West Towne Mall, on Mineral Point Road. Here's the link to their program guide for Adult non-league sports:

    Check back closer to the start of the two seasons (September and January) to get the current program guide and registration information.

    At various times the Keva Sports Center in Middleton has had badminton leagues (it would be my last choice because of bad lighting), so if you somehow can't make one of the other options, you might want to contact them:

    Also, I understand that Prairie Athletic Club in Sun Prairie does badminton and it's listed on their site, but I don't know if they have anything that's organized or if it's merely that they'll set up a court if someone asks:

    If you're willing to go further afield, there are a few clubs in the Milwaukee area, plus I think there's one at the UW-Milwaukee. See the Midwest Badminton Association website:

    Hope that helps.

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