It seems that many people are not aware of organisational structure
of sport in Europe. Every single sport club is organised and associated
with their regional or national association. So if you look for a place to
play on a regular schedule, check websites of associations first for
addresses and names.

For instance:

# Germany # (fact checked)

It's regionally organised. Thus you google for badminton in a state like NRW or Bavaria. Check the list of clubs in the city of choice to find contact. You often find several clubs per large city. You also can use as an entry point, the serious clubs participate in regional and local competitive seasons and German clubs in NRW use to keep track of these like the professionals in the world super series. Major professional hotspot of German badminton is located in Mühlheim.

# UK # (guestimate)

I think Great Britain's badminton is organised along England, Scotland etcetera ... , Association of England, the organisers of the All England Open, may help.

# France # (guestimate)

Usually pretty centralized this country, can't imagine anything but a top-down hierarchy.
Check for the national association, first.

Same strategy goes for many other European countries.

Hope this helps.