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    Quote Originally Posted by Miqilin7 View Post
    Wang Yihan's relatives purportedly. Apparently she is not the only child raised in the family. The law allows ethnic minorities to have more than one child..

    I suppose Wang Yihan could be Manchurian similar to Wang Xin but from a different Jurchen clans

    Look at the photo and observe their traits..

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    i have to say the woman in the middle is very pretty!!

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    I hope the discussion does not gravitate to chest thumping of superiority of their respective tribes. The chinese are a superb team with great players in their ranks. The unity in diversity that we see in china is really remarkable and for a country had suffered so much in recent decades has become an industrial giant. I still remember old pics of china where the streets were full of cycles and nowadays it seems that everyone owns an expensive car. Just my opinion, hope no one is offended.

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